Eric Smallwood


Managing Partner
Apex Marketing Group

4407 Irene Dr
St. Clair, MI 48079Cell: 810-300-4834
twitter: @ApexMGAnalytics

Apex Marketing Group provides our clients with:
•  Advertising and Sponsorships sales & service – at Municipal, Sports & Entertainment venues
•  Sponsors/Branding analytics & Corporate Consulting
•  Commercial rights feasibility reports & Sales – Municipal Assets
•  Promotion and Product Placement analytics for TV & Film

Eric Smallwood’s Background:
1. Over 16 years of industry experience in a variety of roles providing results driven consulting services for clients.
2. Eric has personally negotiated strategic alliances and long-term business relationships with key decision makers located worldwide, including United States, Canada, Croatia, United Kingdom and Abu Dhabi.
3. Eric has built corporate marketing alliances and vending partnerships with numerous Fortune Global 500 companies and can leverage current & past relationships to secure partnerships.
4. Eric has managed all facets of a commercial rights sales program; direct various concurrent operational tasks including quantitative analysis, policy development, new business prospecting and solicitation, contract negotiations, strategic development and account management.
5. Eric has provided extensive support on corporate, brand and facility research, sales materials development, and significant competitive analysis to a variety of clients.
6. Eric & the Apex Marketing Group offers a unique analysis tool for brands, venues & municipalities (ApexMetrics) to analyze and measure their sponsorship initiatives. This analysis tool is catered to the client’s needs utilizing Apex’s senior leadership and their 15+ years of evaluating advertising and sponsorship assets.
7. Over the past 16 years, Eric was directly responsible for opening and providing commercial rights services and planning development for various Arenas, Stadiums & Convention Centers taking them from pre-opening through full operation.

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