Food and Beverage


Food Service Concept Design and Development – HRL Consulting will formulate food and beverage conceptual design and program requirements for the layout and design of food service outlets ranging from concessions, bars, catering and the back-of-house infrastructure. Our analysis ranges from menus, service concepts, and productivity flow to reviewing kitchen drawings.

Request for Proposal Preparations – HRL Consulting actively supports clients determined to optimize food & beverage income. Beginning with stakeholder interviews and operational assessments, we determine the most qualified service-provider. After preliminary assessment, we develop a qualified respondent list, prepare an appropriate RFP, coordinate the distribution of the RFP, evaluate the responses, make recommendations for finalists, and conduct post-proposal interviews. We prepare contract term sheets, support contract negotiations, and evaluate proposed agreements. We provide surveys, and hands-on evaluation of preliminary performance as required.

Food Service Programming – HRL Consulting provides guidance and key information to stakeholders, design teams and ownership to determine and develop food and beverage programs that balance and support development goals and operational growth projected.

Contract Compliance Monitoring – HRL Consulting will evaluate financial and operational performance to determine if a food service provider is conforming to contract terms.

Optimizing Food and Beverage Return on Investment – Food service revenues have become a critical contributor to venue profitability. HRL Consulting evaluates marketing and promotional activities relevant to food service operations and recommends a strategic action plan that could be applied to enhance revenues, and ROI from food service operations.

Comparative Business Models – On-site surveys are conducted to determine and compare the benefits and limitations of third-party operation versus self-operation.

Operational Surveys – We will review all characteristics of current food and beverage operations. Evaluating patron experience, menus, suppliers, efficiency and operational controls, training practices, integration of food service with venue operations, application of financial controls, reporting and accountability, promotions and marketing. Proposed budgets and operational plans will be compared to historical records. Strategic action plans, coordinated with venue and patrons’ expectations based on survey results, will be developed.