Consulting and Management Services


Barys Arena – Astana, Kazakhstan

Consulting and Management Services for 12,000-Seat Barys Arena




  • Identify opportunities to minimize expenses.
  • Identify opportunities to maximize revenues.

Phase One

  • What is the current status and what are the opportunities.
  1. Conduct an  on-site review of the four facilities to determine current and past levels of activity and operating procedures.
  2. Follow-up interviews and due diligence research
  3. Provide a report approximately four weeks following the on-site visit.

Provide report with a summary of our findings, but also recommendations on  key areas to achieve the two objectives.

Job description, responsibilities, organizational structure, performance criteria will also be provided.

  • Pat Condon – Senior Financial Analysis. She will provide- Financial review and budgeting and an analysis comparing to similar U S facilities.
  • Barry Strafacci – Senior Director of Operation.   Barry will review event  booking strategy and provide flexible event booking and pricing comparables.
  • Tom Paquette – Senior Director of Operations. Tom will review and provide event planning and execution evaluation.
  • Dick Sherwood and Eric Smallwood are both recognized experts in maximizing contractually obligated revenue opportunities.

They will review the current situation and provide a list of potential opportunities to maximize revenues in this area.

One of the key focuses of this phase will be to identify opportunities to increase the number events as well as to increase their profitability.

Various event presenters will be contacted to benefit from their experience at these facilities.

Phase Two

  • Implementation with proper staff, strategies and tactics.
  1. Implementation process expected to last one year, which could be extended at our mutual option.
  2. During this time we will work with your staff to train them, and if needed provide opportunities for them to do training at comparable US facilities.
  3. Special emphasis will be on obtaining events for your facilities.
  4. As needed, GFS will provide a comprehensive  list of all the tasks to be to be performed during this phase.

The same individuals mentioned above will be involved in this phase as well.

Phase Three

  • One of the areas that we previously provided you information on is the opportunity to initiate a national ticketing service.
  1. Fred Maglione formally president of New Era is now a member of the GFS Associates team.
  2. Concurrent with Phase One we will provide you a comprehensive assessment of ticketing opportunities in Kazakhstan.
  3. Provide an evaluation of the revenue potential for this undertaking.